Introducing Tilly Ducker

Date of birth: 27/04/2004 Hair: blonde Eyes: green Height: 4ft 9"

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About Tilly Ducker

Tilly is an extremely enthusiastic and friendly girl with a positive outlook on life. She has a keen sense of humour and a strong work ethic throwing herself into any task she is given. She enjoys being around people and learning from those around her. Most of all, she loves to perform and is committed to acting, singing and dancing.


Accents: Northern, American-Standard, RP, Scottish-Standard, Yorkshire
Music & Dance: Ballet (Intermediate Foundation), Jazz (Grade 6), Modern (Grade 5), Tap (Grade 4), Singing (Grade 5), Musical Theatre singing (Grade 6), Piano (Grade 2)
Sports: Running, Swimming


Production / Character Director Company
Gigglebiz QT Jack Jameson CBBC
Emmerdale Bianca Neil Alderton ITV


Production / Character Director Company
Midsummer Night Dream Faerie Martin Duncan Opera North
Oliver Workshouse Gang Cameron Mackintosh


Voiceovers File format
Standard Accent mp3
RP Accent mp3


Photography by Lisa Lees Photography

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