Introducing Tillie Murray

Date of birth: 26/11/2005 Hair: blonde Eyes: blue Height: 5'

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About Tillie Murray

Tillie is a polite, confident and hard working 12 year old actress with a wonderful sense of humour. Always ready for a challenge and dedicated to her craft. Tillie is experienced in radio drama, TV commercials, music videos and has extensive professional stage experience both in musicals and straight plays. She loves her family and enjoys spending time with her friends having fun


Accents: Standard, American, Scottish
Music: Piano, Guitar, Singing (London College of Music working at Grade 6)
Dance: Ballet (Grade 4), Tap (Grade 4), Freestyle/Disco (Grade 3), Jazz (Grade 4)
Drama: LAMDA (Grade 5)
Sport: Netball, Swimming, roller Skating, Cycling


Production / Character Director Company
Alligators Genevieve Simon Evans The Hampstead Theatre
Sound of Music UK Tour Marta Bill Kenwright Ltd
Joseph UK Tour Child Choir Singer Bill Kenwright Ltd


Production / Character Director Company
The White Hotel Young Lisa Jon Amiel Dancing Ledge Productions


Voiceovers File format
Standard Accent mp3
Video File format
Sound of Music Trailer mp4


Photography by M.A.D Photography

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