Introducing Theo Preston

Date of birth: 04/02/2009 Hair: brown Eyes: brown Height: 4'7"

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About Theo Preston

Theo started his acting career age 6 working alongside his big brother in The WW2 drama Zookeepers wife, starring Jessica Chastain. He loves being on set and is fascinated by storytelling. He is a sensitive and thoughtful actor and takes direction well. He learns quickly and has a very good ear for accents. He loves football and plays it regularly.


Accents: RP, London, American Standard
Sports: Football, Rugby, Cricket, Swimming


Production / Character Director Company
The Zookeepers Wife Stefcio Kenigswein Nikki Caro Focus Features


Production / Character Director Company
Carnival Row Jacob Jon Amiel Amazon
12 Monkeys Pickpocket David Grossman Atlas Entertainment
Legends Bobby Crawford TNT


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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