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Playing age: 30-49 Hair: brown Eyes: brown Height: 5ft 9"

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About Scott Wickes

Scott has recently won actor of the week award with ISN indie series.

He has been involved in writing an award winning web series "Chancers" while continuing to create and work on a number of films due for release this year.


Accents & Dialects: Cockney*, English-Standard, Essex, Kent, London*, RP
Performance: Comedy, Comedy Improv, Role Play
Sports: Athletics, Boxing, Cricket, Darts, Fishing, Football*, Golf, Martial Arts, Running*, Tennis
Other Skills: Electrician (qualified), Filmmaker, Improvisation, Photography, Writer

Commercials, Short Films and Corporates


Production / Character Director Company
The Mad Axe-Man Ron Kray Will Kerley Fugitive Films
Bonded by Blood 2 Dave Tretton, Greg Hall Richwater Films
Ghosted Prison Inmate Dixon Craig Viverios Motion picture house,
Blood Diamond Journalist Edward Zwick
The Hit Nicholls Brad Wall Crime Genre Films UK
Cassandra's Dream Local Woody Allen
Gig Brett, Charles Joslaine Groundwork Pictures
Turnout Local/Waiter Lee Sales DP films


Production / Character Director Company
Eastenders Barney Richard Lynn BBC Television
Wolf Hall Thomas Peter kosminsky BBC


Production / Character Director Company
Timeless Pirate Brown Beard Sidharth Viswanath LSE/ Hammersmith Apollo,
Mrs Warren Profession Frank Gardner Tony James Rosé Bruford,
Brighton Rock Spicer Tony James Rose Bruford


Video File format
Eastenders Reel mp4


Photography by A.P.Wilding

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