Introducing Samuel Littell

Date of birth: 24/11/2004 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 5'1"

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About Samuel Littell

Samuel is passionate about performing, he loves working on productions and really enjoys collaborative direction. He has recorded music and was involved in the “Live From” screenings whilst at the RSC.

Samuel loves music, plays multiple instruments and enjoys playing in many school bands, the National Youth Choir and a local community choir.
He has successfully secured a place at The National Youth Music theatre for their summer 2018 production of “Cautionary Tales”.

When Samuel is not involved in Music and Acting he loves animation, rugby, Downhill mountain biking and snowboarding!


Accents: English Standard*, RP
Music: Singing (Grade 7), Flute (Grade 5), Trumpet (Grade 5), Cornet (Grade 1), Music Theory (Grade 5), Musical Theatre (Grade 8)
Sports: Snowboarding*, Rugby*, Running*, Squash, Mountain biking, Cycling, Swimming
Member of the National Youth Choir of Great Britain and The National Youth Music Theatre


Production / Character Director Company
Dido Queen of Carthage Ascanius Kimberley Sykes RSC
Julius Caesar Lucius. Angus Jackson RSC


Photography by M.A.D Photography

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