Introducing Nina Beagley

Playing age: 10-12 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 4'6"

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About Nina Beagley

Nina can be seen in Jessica Swale's Summerland (2019) and recently filmed the lead role in Entropy, directed by Robert Kouba.


Accents & Dialects: American-Standard, RP*
Music & Dance: Ballet, Singing
LAMDA Grade 2 (Distinction)

Commercials and Stills photography


Production / Character Director Company
Boo Charlie Tammes Bernstein NFTS
Summerland Girl Jessica Swale Flying Castles Ltd
Entropy Emma Robert Kouba Encaptivate Film
Safety First Amy Steve Bookbinder The Edge Picture Company,
Eric, Ernie & Me Clare Braben (voice), Dan Zeff BBC
I Heard it Too (Finalist BFI Future Films) Bethany Matt Sears Newflight Pictures
Philomena Orphan Stephen Frears BBC Films/Pathé

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