Introducing Mia Burgess

Date of birth: 23/11/2004 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 5'1"

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About Mia Burgess

Mia is a sensitive and thoughtful girl, who enjoys reading and writing. As well as taking direction well she is often found directing her sisters in short films made on her ipad.


Accents: Standard English, General American
Music: Piano (grade 5)
Sport, Swimming (level 7), Cross country running
Dance: Ballet (Grade 5), Tap (Grade 5), Modern (Grade 5)


Production / Character Director Company
On Chesil Beach Harriet Dominic Cooke Number 9 Films
Justice League Friend 3 Zach Snyder Warner Bros/DC Comics


Production / Character Director Company
iRobot Young Stevie Andrew Mark Sewell BBC Radio 4


Songs File format
Breakeven .mp3
Voiceovers File format
iRobot mp4
Standard Accent mp3
US Accent mp3


Photography by Lisa Visser

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