Introducing Mia Burgess

Date of birth: 23/11/2004 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 5'4"

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About Mia Burgess

Mia is a passionate performer who has had some fantastic experiences both in film and radio. She is an identical twin and has enjoyed working on projects with her sister but she is also very keen now to explore more opportinities individually too.
Mia loves the audition process and especially getting to read scripts for new projects and imagine how it may come alive on stage or screen.
She loved playing Harriet Mayhew in ‘On Chesil Beach’ and is very grateful to have been able to watch and learn so much by seeing Dominic Cooke direct his first screenplay.
Mia would love to do more stage work and has ambitions to one day write her own show and play a role that would give her the chance to perform her own stunts!


Accents: Standard English, General American, London/Cockney.
Music: Piano, Singing.
Sport, Swimming, Cross country running, Horse Riding, Gymnastics, Netball.
Dance: Ballet (Grade 5), Tap (Grade 5), Modern (Grade 6)


Production / Character Director Company
On Chesil Beach Harriet Mayhew Dominic Cooke Number 9 Films
Justice League Friend 3 Zach Snyder Warner Bros/DC Comics


Production / Character Director Company
La Boheme Child Ellen Kent and Derek Block Ukranian National Opera


Production / Character Director Company
iRobot Young Stevie Andrew Mark Sewell BBC Radio 4


Songs File format
Ocean Eyes .mp3
Voiceovers File format
iRobot mp4
Standard Accent mp3
US Accent mp3
Video File format
On Chesil Beach mp4


Photography by Lisa Visser

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