Introducing Maya Graydon

Date of birth: 16/08/2004 Hair: blonde Eyes: blue Height: 5'4"

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About Maya Graydon

Maya is a passionate and intelligent 14 year old who loves acting, singing, and dancing. Both she and her brother (Alex Graydon) have grown up with a professional voiceover and music studio at home. Maya is an experienced voice artist, and has loved the filming experiences she’s had to date She learns script quickly, is very professional, and is not fazed by the audition or film set environment. A keen choreographer, musician, amateur photographer and vlogger, she also loves to travel, watch films, and listen to music.


Accents: RP (native), London, American
Dance: RAD Ballet Intermediate , Jazz, Street Dance,contemporary/lyrical and choreography
Music: Singing, Piano
Sport: Skateboarding, Gymnastics, Swimming, Horse Riding, & Archery
Commercials & Modelling


Production / Character Director Company
Sleeping Beauty Young Aurora Marc Day Millfield Arts Centre


Production / Character Director Company
Granny Anne's Joke World Martha Jonathan Mayo TBI Media for Cbeebies Radio


Voiceovers File format
Maya Graydon VO 2015 mp3


Photography by jo McLintock

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