Introducing Max Raphael

Date of birth: 22/07/2001 Hair: red Eyes: blue Height: 5'7"

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About Max Raphael

Max is a dynamic, fun, intelligent, up-for-anything young guy.
He is a proud member of the National Youth Theatre. He's a keen bassist, singer, dancer and budding magician.
Max is a great rower, rugby player, fencer and a very versatile young actor.


Accents: RP, Standard Scottish, Yorkshire, Standard American, French, Italian
Music: Drums/Percussion, Singing (Tenor), Bass
Dance: Jazz (grade 3)
Sport: Rugby, Fencing, Horse Riding, Swimming
Other: Rowing, Magic, Ice Skating, Skiing, Sailing, Junior Lifeguard


Production / Character Director Company
Heidi Otto Bhavna Talwar Vistaar Films
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 Hugo Weasley (Double) David Yates Warner Bros


Production / Character Director Company
Dance Gallery Rocks Willy Wonker Jill Wellman Questors Theatre
Diva Night Fever Miss Trunchbull Jill Wellman Questors Theatre/Dance Gallery


Photography by Amit Amin

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