Introducing Matthew Stagg

Date of birth: 06/02/2009 Hair: brown Eyes: blue Height: 4'2"

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About Matthew Stagg

Matthew is a cheeky boy with tons of energy, he loves nothing more than riding his bike (without stabilizers) and playing football. Moonie as he is nicknamed, is a very skilled thrower and catcher of just about anything and has a degree in Superhero activities.


Sports: Gymnastics, Thai Boxing, Racing mini moto, Quad biking, Motocross
Dance: Jazz
Modelling & Commercials


Production / Character Director Company
Marrowbone Sam Sergio G Sanchez Tele5
Mum's List Finn Greene Niall Johnson Studio Soho
Chameleon Wes Jim Greayer October Films
Macbeth MacDuff Child Justin Kurzel See-Saw/Thistle Films
Baptism Ben Phil Hawkins ThePhilmCompany


Production / Character Director Company
The Bodyguard Charlie Budd Thomas Vincent BBC One
Yonderland Ben David Sant Sky One
Will Young Will Shekhar Kapur TNT
War and Peace Nikolushka Tom Haper The Weinstein Company/BBC 1
London Spy Young Alex Jakob Verbruggen Working Title


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Photography by M.A.D Photography

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