Introducing Matthew Stagg

Date of birth: 06/02/2009 Hair: brown Eyes: blue Height: 4'

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About Matthew Stagg

Matthew is a cheeky boy with tons of energy, he loves nothing more than riding his bike (without stabilizers) and playing football. Moonie as he is nicknamed, is a very skilled thrower and catcher of just about anything and has a degree in Superhero activities.


Sports: Football, bike riding, Motocross
Modelling & Commercials


Production / Character Director Company
Marrowbone Sam Sergio G Sanchez Tele5
Mum's List Finn Greene Niall Johnson Studio Soho
Chameleon Wes Jim Greayer October Films
Macbeth MacDuff Child Justin Kurzel See-Saw/Thistle Films
Baptism Ben Phil Hawkins ThePhilmCompany


Production / Character Director Company
Yonderland Ben David Sant Sky One
Will Young Will Shekhar Kapur TNT
War and Peace Nikolushka Tom Haper The Weinstein Company/BBC 1
London Spy Young Alex Jakob Verbruggen Working Title


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Photography by M.A.D Photography

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