Introducing Lila Prideaux

Date of birth: 01/09/2007 Hair: blonde Eyes: blue Height: 4'5"

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About Lila Prideaux

Lila is a very natural performer who is quietly confident and deeply creative. She loves art, story-telling and regularly entertains her friends and family with quirky creations and characters. She takes direction well and is very quick to learn lines.


Accents: RP (native) very good ear for accents
Music: Suzuki Violin (grade 1), Singing (Soprano)
Sport: Swimming (Level 4), Surfing, Waterskiing
Other: Acrobatics, Horse Riding


Production / Character Director Company
The Witcher Young Renfri Alik Sakharov Netflix
Patrick Melrose Belinda Edward Berger Sky Atlantic / Showtime
Tracey Ullman Show Kid 2 Dominic Brigstocke BBC Comedy
Marley's Ghosts Young Marley Jonathan Gershfield John Stanley Productions / Objective


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Patrick Melrose mp4


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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