Introducing Kitty Peterkin

Date of birth: 14/09/2007 Hair: blonde Eyes: green Height: 4'2"

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About Kitty Peterkin

Kitty is a bright, enthusiastic little girl with an expressive face who loves to act, dance, dress-up and put on shows. She has a great memory, learns quickly and is very driven. Her passion is singing, she has performed in front of large audiences, and intends to do a gig at Glastonbury one day!

Kitty’s hands are rarely idle, she is very creative loving to draw and make things. She loves all sea life creatures and especially adores Minnie the family miniature dachshund.


Accents: Standard English
Music: Singing


Production / Character Director Company
Will Lucy Neems Ninth floor productions ltd Elliot Lester and Craig Pearce
The Moonstone The Narrator Lisa Mulcahy BBC/King Bert productions ltd
Clan of the Cave Bear Young Ayla Pierre Morel Fox 21, Lionsgate, Imagine Television, Lifetime
Wallander Klara Ben Caron Left Bank Pictures for BBC
Hetty Feather Young Polly Paul Walker CBBC


Production / Character Director Company
Matilda Matilda RSC/Cambridge Theatre
Madame Butterfly Sorrow Ellen Kent Ellen Kent Productions


Production / Character Director Company
Carmilla Little Laura Fiona McAlpine Allegra Productions


Voiceovers File format
The Butterfly Lion mp3
Standard Accent mp3
Video File format
Showreel mp4


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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