Introducing Kavern Batchelor

Date of birth: 16/09/2003 Hair: black Eyes: brown Height: 4'9"

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About Kavern Batchelor

Kavern is an enthusiastic individual with a passion for performing. He currently attends theatre school, does tap dancing and west end dance at theatre Peckham. He has so far advertised for Travelodge, KFC and American Virgin Moblie company and played young Clayton in the film “The Man Inside”.


Accents: London, Standard, Jamaican
Sport: Football, Gymnastics, Swimming
Music: Piano (grade 2), Singing (Soprano)
Dance: Tap (grade 3)


Production / Character Director Company
Pan Skinny Joe Wright Warner Bros
The Man Inside Clayton as a Boy Dan Turner


Production / Character Director Company
Newspaper Boy & Origami Girl Newspaper Boy Theatre Peckham
Dinosaurs & All That Rubbish Boy Theatre Peckham
Mrs Wobbles Waiter Theatre Peckham


Production / Character Director Company
Can't Tell Nathan Caton Nothin Jamal BBC Radio


Photography by M.A.D Photography

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