Introducing Katie Turner

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: brown Eyes: blue Height: 5ft 3"

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About Katie Turner

Katie Turner is a versatile young actress originally from Hull. She excels in comedy and is very passionate about TV and film. She is hard working and likes to find the grittiness and truth in every role.


Accents & Dialects: American-Southern States, American-Standard, Cockney, Hull*, Irish-Northern, RP, Yorkshire
Music & Dance: A Cappella, Ballet, Blues, Cabaret Singing, Choral Singing, Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Singing, Jazz Dancing, Jazz Singing, Mezzo-Soprano, Pop Singing


Production / Character Director Company
Robbed The Interviewer Cut the Crusts James Bryant
Near Death Sarah Mattia Chiaravolloti Middlesex University
Sonder Kat James Lake St Mary's Twickenham


Production / Character Director Company
Gone Cheryl/Dorothy Olivia Stone/ Lily Dyble Original Impact
Rat King Kelly Hannah De Vile Original Impact
Twelfth Night Viola Samual Dunstan Original Impact
Skin Deep Lucie Lee Anderson Attila Theatre
Elephant Man Nurse Huxley Nurse Huxley, Fourth Monkey Ensemble
Fautas Mephistopheles Ailin Conant Fourth Monkey Theatre
The Kitchen Kevin, Mitch Mitchelson Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
Vinegar Tom Betty Betty, VINEGAR TOM, Fourth Monkey Theatre Company, Simone Coxall Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
Divine Words Laureano Steve Tillier Fourth Monkey Theatre Company
The Threepenny Opera Lucy Steve Green Fourth Monkey Theatre Company


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