Introducing Henry Littell

Date of birth: 09/01/2007 Hair: red Eyes: blue Height: 4'7"

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About Henry Littell

Henry is a natural performer, who takes direction very well. He loves dancing, singing and gymnastics and is often found with his head in a book or telling jokes. He has appeared in a music video and BBC ident.


Accents: RP, English standard, American Standard
Sport: Gymnastics, Football, Swimming
Music: Singing, Trumpet, Piano
Dance:Ballet (Grade 3), Tap (Grade 3), Jazz (Grade 3)


Production / Character Director Company
Cold Warrior Son Emily Greenwood Wellington Films Ltd
The Escape Artist (music video) Son 3 Vanessa Caswell Revere
Language is Music (music video) Child Peter Palos University of Westminster
Awake Eoin Stephen Kenny London Film School


Production / Character Director Company
BBC Democracy Ident Child Red Bee Media/BBC
Earth to Luna Jupiter Sharon Miller TV Pinguim


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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