Introducing Harlan Davies

Playing age: 16-20 Hair: black Eyes: brown Height: 6'0"

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About Harlan Davies

Harlan has already gathered a lot of experience within the industry finding work in TV, film and theatre. He is also a member of the National Youth Theatre Company of 2010 and has performed in several of their productions. He graduated from UCL in 2015 with a first class honours in BA History.


Accents: London, Multicultural London English, Southern England, Standard American
Music: Ukulele (Intermediate), Singing (Bass-baritone)
Sports: Boxing, Football, Rugby
Other: Commercials, Music Video, Virals and Modelling.


Production / Character Director Company
Common People Gary Stewart Alexander Common People Productions Ltd
Last Licks Keon Colin Skevington Moonwatcher Media


Production / Character Director Company
Mums Gone Gay Kieron Robe McCabe Channel 4 & 20/20 Media
Wade's World Agent Harlan Disney Channel
Graffiti Skateboarder Nickelodeon
Mortal Combat School Kid Partisan


Production / Character Director Company
Our Land Raoul Juliet Knight Sheffield Crucible/NYT
Slick The Doctor Anna Niland National Youth Theatre
The Dying Game Francis Rick Jacobs Greenwich Theatre
Dracula Dracula Laura Lindores Hertford Theatre


Voiceovers File format
Standard Accent mp3
Street Accent mp3


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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