Introducing Felix Jamieson

Date of birth: 28/08/2007 Hair: blonde Eyes: blue Height: 4'6"

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About Felix Jamieson

Felix is the oldest of three children and lives in Buckinghamshire. Felix is a keen dancer and belongs to a local drama club which has a production twice a year and has taken him to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017/18&19.


Accents; RP
Music and Dance: Violin, Dance (General)
Sports: Fencing, Cricket, Football, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Horse Riding, Swimming


Production / Character Director Company
The Ghost Rob White Garrick Hamm Ribeye Productions


Production / Character Director Company
Raised by Wolves Paul Ridley Scott Scott Free / TNT
Catherine the Great Young Alexander Philip Martin HBO / Sky / New Pictures
Summer of Rockets Young Anthony Stephen Poliakoff Little Island
Game of Thrones Billy Various HBO


Production / Character Director Company
The White Hotel Kolya Jon Amiel Dancing Ledge Productions


Voiceovers File format
Standard mp3


Photography by M.A.D Photography

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