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Date of birth: 03/09/2003 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 5'3"

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About Eloise Webb

"Captivating" is how The Sunday Times Culture section described her. Alastair Lewis, reviewing for was more effusive, writing of her performance in the ITV production of The Scapegoat, "… the best thing about this piece is a show-stealing turn from the nine-year-old Eloise Webb as the young daughter Mary Lou, who belies the phrase 'never work with children or animals' by bringing half the emotional heft of the entire film…".
It may have been reviews like this which landed her the title role in Kenneth Brannagh’s 2015 production of Cinderella for Walt Disney- among others.
Her career began with John Lewis's much-celebrated 2010 commercial when she crawled out of a tunnel and into a the nation's hearts. Since then she has steadily expanded her stock of film credits with roles in such films as Red Lights, The Iron Lady and Bel Ami, as well as co-starring in the US sensation American Girl.
She has worked on a range of television, short film, radio and video-game voice-over projects.
Although passionate about acting, Eloise is also a committed ballet dancer (distinction at Grade 5) and is currently studying for her Royal Academy of Dance intermediate certificate.


Accent: Natural accent is English R.P. but she can do standard English and generic American and Southern American
Languages: English and Polish (fluently)
Dance: Ballet (grade 6 & vocational stream intermediate level) , Modern, Contemporary
Sport: Riding, swimming, ice-skating, Tennis

Commercials and Modelling


Production / Character Director Company
The Entertainer Charlotte Cohen Jonathan Schey Alcove Entertainment
The Alchemist's Letter (Animation) Duaghter Carlos Stevens Pixel Veil
American Girl Sylvie Vince Marcello Debra Martin Chase Productions
Cinderella Young Ella Kenneth Branagh Walt Disney Company
The Scapegoat Mary Lou Charles Sturridge Island Pictures
The Iron Lady Young Carol Thatcher Phyllida Lloyd DJ Films Ltd
Red Lights Susan Rodrigo Cortes Versus Entertainment
Bel Ami Laurine Declan Donnellen & Nic Ormerod Bel Ami Productions Ltd


Production / Character Director Company
Nightmares Meemi-Rose Tom Kingsley Eleven Film
Innocent Rosie Richard Clark TXTV for ITV1
Churchill's Secret Young Diana Charles Sturridge Daybreak Pictures
The White Queen Young Lizzie Jamie Payne and James Kent BBC and Company Pictures
Midsomer Murders Poppy Ordish Andy Hay ITV


Production / Character Director Company
The Hard Problem Cathy Nicholas Hytner The National Theatre


Production / Character Director Company
Man at the Helm Narrator and Lizzie Gemma Jenkins BBC Radio 4
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant Young Jenny/Jane BBC Radio 4


Voiceovers File format
The Man At The Helm mp3
The Alchemist's Letter mp4
Video File format
Showreel 2016 mp4
Cinderella MP4
American Girl MP4
Bel Ami MP4
Red Lights MP4
The Scapegoat MP4
Midsomer Murders MP4


Photography by Karolina Webb

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