Introducing Eloise Littell

Playing age: 16-20 Hair: brown Eyes: blue Height: 5'

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About Eloise Littell

Eloise is thoughtful and mature with a sense of fun. She is an instinctive and natural film actress and is equally comfortable on the stage. She is a great dancer, elite gymnast and loves music.


Accents: RP (native), Romanian, American Standard
Music: Singing (soprano, Grade 8), Flute (grade 2), Piano (Grade 3), Saxophone
Sport: Gymnastics (Regional), Swimming (club), Netball, Tennis. Hockey
Dance: Ballet (Advanced 2), Pointe, Tap (Intermediate), Modern Jazz (Intermediate), Contemporary, Tumbling
Full clean driving licence


Production / Character Director Company
Cold Warrior Ana (lead) Emily Greenwood Wellington Films Ltd
The Girl With Two Masks Young Rose Sam Casserly Independent
Breaking Mrs Jones One Eyed Dog Films


Production / Character Director Company
Doctors Sophie Grimshaw Sean Gleeson BBC Television
Are You Smarter Classmate Two Four Productions Sky TV


Production / Character Director Company
Sweeney Todd Child Opera De Nepotist Rose Theatre, Kingston
The Likes of Us Lead Rooftop Child HMOS Adrian Mann Theatre
Just So! Elephants Child (Lead) Cornerhouse Theatre
Aristocats Marie Cornerhouse Theatre
Honk! Fluffy Cornerhouse Theatre


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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