Introducing Eleanor Stagg

Date of birth: 28/04/2004 Hair: blonde Eyes: green Height: 5'2"

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About Eleanor Stagg

Eleanor's cheeky personality shines, she is a natural performer and takes direction really well. Well mannered and down to earth, Eleanor enjoys singing, dancing, acting and riding motorcross bikes!


Accents:RP, American
Music: Piano, Ukulele
Sport:Gymnastics, Swimming, motocross
Dance: Ballet (Grade 5), Jazz (Grade 4), Contemporary (Grade 4), Modern (Grade 4), Disco (freestyle pre bronze ISTD distinction), Street (Pre bronze ISTD)
Modelling & Commercials


Production / Character Director Company
Deep Water Rachel James Marsh Blueprint Pictures
Miss You Already Young Milly Catherine Hardwicke Embargo Films
Macbeth MacDuff Child Justin Kurzel See-Saw/Thistle Films
Baptism Sophie Phil Hawkins ThePhilmCompany


Photography by Lisa Visser

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