Introducing Eddie King

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 5ft 10"

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About Eddie King

Eddie is an exciting new talent that has recently graduated from the Oxford School of Drama.


Accents & Dialects: American-Southern States, American-Standard, Bristol, Cockney, Estuary English, Heightened RP, Hertfordshire, London, West Country, Yorkshire
Music & Dance: A Cappella, Cabaret Singing, Pop Singing*, Singer-Songwriter, Singing (general)*, Tenor*, Vocal Range: Strong falsetto up to High Eb (Eb5), Vocal Range: Strong High Belt
Performance:Actor-Singer, Clown, Immersive Performance, Mask, Musical Theatre, Poetry Reading, Professional Singer, Recording Artist
Sports: Field Hockey, Ice Skating, Skiing
Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence
Other Skills: Artist (fine art), Impersonation, Improvisation, Writer


Production / Character Director Company
Class Clown (Mini Nightmares) Clown Jack Shanks
Chandie Hipster Christian Cooke


Production / Character Director Company
Julius Caesar Cinna Oxford School of Drama Paul Hart
Ratchet Karl Sexton Hal Chambers Oxford School of Drama
Terrorism Passenger Oxford School of Drama
Three Sisters Andrey Steve Woodward Oxford School of Drama
Twelfth Night Feste George Peck Oxford School of Drama,
Enron Jeff Skilling Loughborough University


Production / Character Director Company
Setting a Galss Mike Jane Morgan The Studios
After The Dance John Jane Morgan The Studios
Class Clown Clown Jane Morgan Hats Off Studios


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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