Introducing Dixie Egerickx

Date of birth: 31/10/2005 Hair: blonde Eyes: green Height: 4'9"

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About Dixie Egerickx

Dixie Egerickx is an actor known for Genius, The Little Stranger & Mirette.

"Mirette, played by the extraordinarily talented Dixie Egerickx... turns in a fantastic performance" (

"Dixie Egerickx... superb as the naive young girl who's dreaming big"
Lisette Vanophem (Just Celebrity Magazine)

"It's Dixie Egerickx in the title role who takes the acting honours... she turns in a poised, utterly captivating performance"
Simon Braun (Empire Magazine, Hammer to Nail, The Sunday Times)

"Young Dixie Egerickx is a cinematographer’s delight – the sort of young actor I could hope to see much more of."
Sharon Hurst (Radio 3CR Melbourne & Radio 2GB Sydney)


Accents: American, RP
Sports: Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Tennis, Netball
Music and Dance: Ballet (Grade 3), Contemporary Singing (Grade 4 distinction), Drums (Grade 2 distinction) and Piano (Grade 5) Music Theory (Grade 5)



Production / Character Director Company
Summerland Edie Jessica Swale Flying Castles
The Secret Garden Mary Lennox Marc Munden Heyday Films / Studio Canal
The Little Stranger Gillian Baker-Hyde Lenny Abrahamson Potboiler Productions
Melody Holly John Stephenson The Melody Movie Ltd
Mirette on the Highwire Mirette Helen O’Hanlon Mirette Film Ltd
A Royal Winter Katya Ernie Barbarash Hallmark/Winter Prince LLC
The Watcher in the Woods Ellie Carstairs Melissa Joan Hart Lifetime / Wood Watcher Ltd
The Wyrd (Short) Beda Chloe Wicks The Raging Quiet Development Company Ltd


Production / Character Director Company
Patrick Melrose Lucy Edward Berger Showtime / Sky Atlantic
Genius Alice Ken Biller Fox21/EUE/Sokolow
Churchill's Secret Young Sarah Charles Sturridge Daybreak Pictures


Production / Character Director Company
Young Marx Qui Qui Nicholas Hytner The Bridge Theatre
Sunset at the Villa Thalia Rosalind Simon Godwin National Theatre
Oresteia Iphigenia Robert Icke Trafalgar Studios/Almeida/ATG


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Photography by Jo Mclintock

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