Introducing Derek Mitchell

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: red Eyes: green Height: 5'11"

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About Derek Mitchell

Derek Mitchell


Accents: American (Genera)l*, American (Midwest)*, American (Deep South), American (Texas), American (New York/New Jersey), Canadian, English (RP), Scottish, Australian
Languages, English*, Dutch*, Spanish
Music: Tenor, Piano, Percussion
Sports: Swimming


Production / Character Director Company
Hedda Eli Longford Lucy Hayes Oxford Playhouse
The Bacchae Dionysus Sean Kelly Oxford Playhouse
Witch Hunt Various (Sketch) Kathy Maniura, Derek Mitchell & Alistair Inglis Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The Oxford Revue & Friends Various (Sketch) Olly Jackson Oxford Playhouse
Suddenly Last Summer Violet Venable Sammy Glover Oxford Playhouse
Sexy in the Middle Various (Sketch) Kathy Maniura & Derek Mitchell The Burton Taylor Studio


Photography by M.A.D Photography

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