Introducing Demi Papaminas

Playing age: 16-20 Hair: brown Eyes: blue Height: 5'1"

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About Demi Papaminas

Demi is a confident, grounded and friendly girl who is experienced on stage and screen. She has been described by a top industry professional as 'a natural, raw and unique talent' and is often praised for being an extremely natural performer with an amazing presence, positive attitude and high standards. Demi is a trained dancer and has modelled for numerous campaigns.


Accents: London, Cockney
Dance: Tap, Modern, Lyrical (All grade 5)
Music: Singing
Sport: Running
Commercials: Purina, University Games


Production / Character Director Company
Dead Still CLE Met Film School
Beneath the Diamond Sky Supernatural Girl Arseny Muchnick Met Film School


Production / Character Director Company
Dr Who School Girl Hettie Macdonald BBC


Production / Character Director Company
BOY Ruby Sacha Wares Almeida Theatre
Emil and the Detectives Hilde Bijan Sheibani The National Theatre


Video File format
Demi Monologue 2019 .mp4


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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