Introducing Anton Rice

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: black Eyes: brown Height: 5'8"

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About Anton Rice

Since graduating from The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts, Anton has honed his performance skills by being part of tribute bands Mowtown and Glad Its Night, as well as working on various immersive projects.

With a strong sense of commitment and professionalism, Anton has an infectious energy which makes him a fun and vibrant performer.


Accents: London, Bajan, Jamaican, African, Liverpool, American-Standard, Somerset.


Production / Character Director Company
A Jolly Good Fellow Gerald Braden Lubell The London Film School
Sense Of Identity Preacher Ray Price Ibuka Films
End of Term Justin Matt Murphy End of Term Productions
Murder Capital Leon Rice Rob Woods Candy Floss Productions
Babymother Anton Julian Henriques Channel Four Films


Production / Character Director Company
BGT “Entertaining Royalty”/ Dancing Knight Chris Balmond ITV Creative
Tinga Tinga Tales Baboon Claudia Lloyd Tiger Aspect
Kerching! Young Seymour Nick Woods CBBC
The Lenny Henry Show Snoop Dog's Son Michael Cumming Tiger Aspect
Bus Life Brainy Kid Keith English Disney Channel
Down To Earth Paul Indra Bhose BBC
Respectable Trade Luke Surl Krishnamma BBC


Production / Character Director Company
Common Villager Jeremy Herrin National Theatre / Headlong
The Blues Brothers Matt Murphy Claire Dunlop Erasmus Theatre
Earthquakes in London Tom Dan Bird LIPA
Blue Remembered Hills Willie Elspeth Edmonds LIPA
Last Days of Judas Iscarlot Simon & St Thomas Stephen Buckwald LIPA
Grand Magic Various Onur Orkut LIPA
A Raisin in the Sun Travis Younger David Lan The Young Vic


Production / Character Director Company
Julia Pastrana Lent & Chours Shaun Prendergast LIPA


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Photography by M.A.D Photography

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