Introducing Amanda Victoria Vilanova

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: brown Eyes: brown Height: 5ft 7"

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About Amanda Victoria Vilanova

Amanda Vilanova is a graduate from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has worked on both stage and screen, her credits include playing Imogen in Cymbeline with Stay Awake Theatre Company in NYC, Fox at the Old Red Lion theatre and Alice in Closer for the Vienna English Theatre. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature and Acting from the University of Puerto Rico. She has trained at the Stella Adler Studio in New York City, as well as training in dance, physical theatre and Commedia dell’arte. Amanda is a versatile and dedicated performer with great stage presence.


American-California, American-New York, American-Southern States, Latin American, RP, Spanish
Languages: English*, Spanish*
Music & Dance: Alto, Bachata*, Ballet, Cha Cha*, Commercial Dance, Contemporary Dance, Dance (general)*, Jazz Dancing, Jive, Latin American, Lyrical
Dance, Merengue*, Modern Dance, Salsa Dancing*, Street Jazz
Performance: BADC Standard, Commedia Dell'Arte, Physical Theatre, Poetry Reading, Presenting, TV Presenting, Viewpoints
Sports: Skipping Rope, Yoga
Vehicle Licences: Car Driving Licence


Production / Character Director Company
Abnegate Katie (Lead) Rachel Lui Hyperbolic Media
The Babymoon Mary Bailey kobe Double Entete Films


Production / Character Director Company
El Clan de los Morales Vicente Castro XCL Telemundo


Production / Character Director Company
Fox Rachel Rupert Hands The Old Red Lion
Closer Alice Emma Hands Vienna English Theatre
Cymbeline Imogen Jeannie-Marie Brown The Brick Theatre
The Menaechmi Erotium Dean Zayas University of Puerto Rico/Teatro Julia
Nurse Rebecca The Crucible Jacqueline Duprey University of Puerto Rico/Teatro Julia


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