Introducing Alex Graydon

Date of birth: 06/11/2010 Hair: blonde Eyes: blue Height: 3ft 11"

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About Alex Graydon

Alex is a polite, funny, kind boy who loves cycling, swimming, running, yoga, going to the cinema, playing with Lego/Playmobil, and reading.
He has grown up in a house with a recording studio, and loves the filming experiences and VO work he’s experienced so far.


Accents:London RP*

Commercials and Modelling and Voice Overs


Production / Character Director Company
The Romanoffs Young Jack Matthew Weiner Amazon
Timmy Time Narrator Neil Warwick Aardman/CBBC


Voiceovers File format
Superhero mp3
Discovery Kids mp3
Showreel 2017 .mp3
Video File format
Showreel mp4
Century 21 .mp4
Deutsche Bank .mp4


Photography by jo McLintock

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