Introducing Alan Scott

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: blonde Eyes: green Height: 6ft

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About Alan Scott

21 year old Alan is just about to complete his studies at Edinburgh Napier University.


Accents & Dialects (*Scottish = native) English (London, Cockney, Chelsea, Geordie, Welsh, Yorkshire, Essex, Manchester, Oxford), Irish (North and Southern), Australian, American (General American, New York, New Jersey, Californian, Alabama, Texan, Western), Italian, French, Russian, German.

Music & Dance: *Singing = highly skilled


Production / Character Director Company
Waterloo Road Lee Various BBC Television


Production / Character Director Company
A View From a Bridge Rodolfo Ian Davie New Celts Productions
Deep Fried Red Alannah Beaton Glass Knuckles Productions
Posh Toby Becca Louise For The Fans Theatre
100 Alex Erin Thompson Riff Raff Productions
Little Box of Oblivion Neurotic Erin Thompson Riff Raff Productions
All's Well That Ends Well Bertram Donna Sottomoretini Edinburgh Napier University
Tartuffe Valerie Ian Dunn/Donna Sottomoretini Edinburgh Napier University
Hayfever Richard Donna Sottomeretini Edinburgh Napier University


Production / Character Director Company
Cross Maluff Jack Gus Beattie BBC Radio 4


Voiceovers File format
Little Nut Brown Hair .wav
Voice Reel .wav
Voice Reel .wav


Photography by jo Mclintock

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