Introducing Jessica Wolhuter

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: brown Eyes: hazel Height: 5ft 3"

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About Jessica Wolhuter

Jessica trained and the Actors College of Theatre and Television in Sydney, Australia. Since graduating she has worked in Theatre, Film and Television in South Africa, Australia and the US.

Originally from South Africa, she has mastered a broad range of accents and is confident on both stage and screen.


Accents: American standard, New York, Southern Australian, South African, British, RP
Music: Acoustic Guitar (Basic)
Sport: Swimming, Horse riding (Advanced)
Dance: Ballet, Irish
Other: BASSC - Unarmed Combat


Production / Character Director Company
Unspoken Rose Liam Bashford Bashford Twins Productions


Production / Character Director Company
The Crucible Abigail Jeremy Lindsey Chester Productions
Sleeping Beauty Aurora Stuart Dixon The Panto Company
The Seagull Nina Winston Cooper Burley Theatre COmpany


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Jessica Wolhuter Showreel 2015 .mp4


Photography by Jo McLintock

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