Introducing Mona Khalili

Playing age: 21-25 Hair: brown Eyes: brown Height: 5'6"

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About Mona Khalili

Mona is a London born actress. She has recently finished playing the role of Aya in Aya by Madhia Hussain. A prominent member of the National Youth Theatre, Mona was one of the leads in Our Days of Rage, and played the title role of Chloe in Chloe Can by Karla Crome.


Accents: London, Geordie, American (General, Southern, Minneapolis, Californian), Cockney, RP, Arab
Languages: Fluent Farsi
Dance: Belly Dancing, Street, Jazz
Music: Piano (Grade 5), Singing (Strong Mezzo Soprano)
Other: Stage Combat


Production / Character Director Company
Telstar Victim Nick Moran Aspiration Films Party Girl Noel Clarke/Mark Davis Universal Pictures
Harry Potter Gryffindor Student Mike Newell Warner Bros Pictures


Production / Character Director Company
Crimewatch Shafilea Katie Bodinger BBC Wales


Production / Character Director Company
The Ritual (rehearsed reading) Anna Orla O'Loughlin National Theatre
Our Days of Rage Amina/Shadiyah Paul Roseby Old Vic Tunnels
One Minute Catherine Alexander Israel Arcola Tent
Titus Andronicus Titus Phil Sheppard Vanbrugh Theatre
Romeo & Juliet Juliet Seb Constantine Lewisham Broadway
Blood Wedding Bride Louise Johnson Langley Theatre
Little Voice LV Louise Johnson Langley Theatre
Spring Najmeh Naheed Zarini Greenwich Little Theatre
Life Soraya Naheed Zarini Greenwich Little Theatre


Photography by Jo Mclintock

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